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All You Need To Know About Project ARA By Google

This year at Google I/O 2016 annual developer conference, Google has made an important announcement that could re-define the entire smartphone industry.

What is Ara?

Ara is a Google's modular smartphone concept. 
The concept behind Ara is "Mix. Match. Swap", you can slide any Ara module into any slot and it just works.
All you need to do is buy a basic model Ara phone and you can pull off and swap the modular parts like memory, display panels, physical keyboards, sensors and scanners, ports, modems and wireless modules, and much more. as bits.
You'll be able to buy one through Google's dedicated store.
These modules fit neatly into the base frame, allowing for upgrades, innovation and style.

This will enable users to customize their phones as per their needs and demands.
Wont it be great, we are already excited about the project.
The original plan was for Ara to go to public launch in 2015, but of course that never happened.

Google has demonstrated a current prototype of its modular smartphone Project Ara and announced it will begin shipping developer editions later this year (+ slideshow).
They also have planned to have a consumer model of Ara on sale in 2017.

If you are interested to contribute to develop Ara, you can click here
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  1. information about Google's Project Ara, Grow Up or Bye-Bye Google is very confusing and full of question marks. but, for sure google will make changes to the way they work and their search engine algorithm


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