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ISRO Creates History By Launching 20 Satellites

Image Source :Doordarshan
Today on 22nd Jun 2016 Wednesday at 9.26 a.m., history is created by the Indian space research organization (ISRO). Indian space agency ISRO today, as they have successfully placed in orbit a record 20 satellites carried by its flagship rocket with a 26-minute flight from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.
In 2008, the ISRO had launched 10 satellites with the PSLV rocket. This is the first time the ISRO has launched more than 10 satellites with a single rocket.
The 320 tonne PSLV C-34 carried 17 foreign small satellites from Canada, Indonesia, Germany and the US, but the main satellite was a 727 kg Indian earth observation satellite called Cartosat-2, which can take images at sub-meter resolution and will be used for earth observation.
The images sent by Cartosat-2 satellite will be useful for cartographic, urban, rural, coastal land use, water distribution and other applications.
Another attraction of this launch is that, the launch also placed into orbit two Indian academic community built nano satellites, Sathyabhamasat and Swayam.
Swayam,Sathyabhamasat are developed by students from the College of Engineering, Pune and Sathyabama University, Chennai, respectively. While Swayam satellite has a payload mass of 1kg, Sathyabamasat has a payload mass of 1.5kg.
Sathyabamasat satellite will collect data on greenhouse gases while Swayam satellite will provide point-to-point messaging services to the HAM radio community.
Viral Crab Team congratulates ISRO's scientists and students of College of Engineering, Pune and Sathyabama University, Chennai for this incredible achievement.

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