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Lion Attacks Kid At Japanese Zoo

Image Source : Youtube
A video has gone viral online of just that, a little two year old boy visiting the zoo and when he turns his back, the lion considering the boy as prey pounces on him but ends up slamming its head into protective glass.The incident was captured by a visitor to Chiba Zoological park in the eastern part of Tokyo.
The video has been shared widely across the internet, with many making links to the recent shooting of Harambe in Cincinnati and drunken man entering the lion's enclosure in Hyderabad.
This video again proves, despite us humans keeping them in zoos, these animals will always be wild.
Although one thing is evident from the video is that in this Japanese zoo, they’ve really mastered the whole ‘zoo’ thing – in so much as the kids can’t get into the enclosure, and the lion can’t get out.
The glass has saved at least two lives for sure one of the kid and another of the lion. Kudos to the architects of the zoo!

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