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Forget Old School Selfies, Switch To The Latest 3D Figures

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If you think taking selfies is the latest trend to capture memories then tie up your jaw before it drops after reading this article.
You must be amazed when you see the great Greek sculptures built before centuries.
But did you ever imagine that you can also have one of your own?

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While the world is busy taking selfies, South Koreans have taken capturing moments to the whole new level with life like 3D figures.
To make the figure, the person has to pose between more than 100 cameras, which simultaneously snapped two-dimensional photos from all angles.

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This digital blueprint is then processed and printed at a plant inSeoul, where the figures ranging from 5 cm (2 inches) to 30 cm (12 inches) in height using more than 1,000 layers of gypsum powder are built.
The cost of the figures starts at 110,000 won ($100) and can cost three times that or more.
So next time you are planning to capture a wonderful moment, do check out for 3D figure printers near you.

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