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Shaktimaan web series might not be back due to copyright issues.

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If you too grew up in 90's and was an ardent fan of the first India super hero Shaktimaan released in 1997.The role played by Mukesh Khanna is still one of the most famous and popular TV series.
Initially Shaktimaan was supposed to be back again to save the world from KillVish Terror in an all new Avatar but due to copyright issues the web series could take off. Instead the team is up with a new super hero Mahakaal. It is directed by Dushyant Kapoor. As per the official YouTube account the statement is published.
"When we first released the trailer for 'Shaktimaan' our motto was to create a web series on our first Indian Superhero but after the copyright issues of 'Shaktimaan' we couldn't help but drop out the idea of it. We promised you a superhero and here it is off course its not 'first Indian Superhero' but I believe it is the best one. Our Team took this oppurtunity and created a new superhero. We need all the support we can get from all over India.. This mythological character is based on the almighty Vishu ji's dashva avatar 'Kalki' who is supposed to end the evilness in Kalyuga. This originally created superhero will mesmerise you and will give you chills and goosebumps in the very near future. All we need is your love and support."
You can enjoy the trailer of Mahakaal.
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