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Beware of this fake Whatsapp video call invitation to avoid getting hacked

Beware of this fake Whatsapp video call invitation, to avoid getting hacked

As the news spread that the popular message sharing mobile app Whatsapp is rolling out their much awaited video calling feature for its users, spammers and hackers became active, to utilize this opportunity to breach your security and privacy.
Recently there is a message that is making rounds on Whatsapp, that asks you to install the video calling feature on your Whatsapp.
The message seems so real that even the smartest can get fooled.
You will get a message like the below.

When you click on the link it will take you to the fake website and it appears that the feature is getting installed.

Then it will ask you to verify user and share it with your friends to enable the feature and spread the spam.

Now all of you must be thinking how can you actually install the video calling feature?
To actually install Whatsapp video feature you just have to update to the latest version (2.16.17) and you should be able to make video calls. If you still not able to make video calls just wait for some more days and updates which may roll out to you as well.

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