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Shobhaa De's Fat Shaming Tweet, Changes Life Of M.P.'s Cop

Shobhaa De's Fat Shaming Tweet, Changes Life Of M.P.'s Cop

Image Source :Twitter
Things turned sour for Shobaa De, when the columnist and novelist, who tried to show her funny side to the public, recently posted a picture on her Twitter handle that fat-shamed a cop, she thought belonged to Mumbai Police.
Seeing the picture of the fat-shamed cop, Mumbai police was quick to respond and corrected De by replying to her tweet that the police actually was not a part of Mumbai police dept. but was from Madhya Pradesh police dept.
Later it was revealed that the cop in the pic is Police inspector Daulat Ram Jogawat (58) posted at Neemuch district in Madhya Pradesh. Jogawat who currently weighs 180 Kgs gained excessive weight after he underwent a surgery in 1993 to remove his gall bladder.
Jogawat has served as a police for more than 37 years and is set to retire in the year 2019.
He is also well known by his peers and seniors as an expert to bust narcotic related crimes.
After De's sarcastic tweet went viral many people criticized De for her insensitive remarks and supported Jogawat for any help required to lose his excessive weight, one of which is Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala of Mumbai's Saifee hospital, that is well known all around the world for weight loss Bariatric surgeries and treatments. Jogawat will now undergo a gastric bypass surgery that will reduce the size of his stomach that will lead to less appetite. Jogawat will lose around 80 Kgs in the next 1 year, that will help him get rid many problems like high diabetes, hypertension and insomnia.

Jogawat and his family are thankful to De for her insensitive tweet that turned to be a blessing in disguise for them.

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